About Capitol Hill Housing


Capitol Hill Housing builds vibrant and engaged communities.


Seattle is a place where everyone—from teachers and artists to seniors on fixed incomes to young families—can set down roots and thrive.

About Us

Everyone has the right to a quality, affordable home. At Capitol Hill Housing, this truth drives our work. By embracing community-led development and engaging in deep-rooted partnerships, we’re fostering vibrant, equitable communities where everyone has access to safe, affordable and welcoming homes. We employ anti-racist tactics to dismantle systemic barriers and support socially just, culturally rich, and environmentally sustainable communities throughout our region. Our work began in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle and, as our region transformed, our partnerships have expanded to include communities in the Central District, White Center, and Lake City. Today, with 47 apartment buildings, we continue our commitment to build community with and for people.

Capitol Hill Housing is a public corporation organized by the City of Seattle pursuant to state and municipal law. As such, it is a political subdivision of the State.
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Capitol Hill Housing makes it possible for people to live closer to work, school and urban conveniences. We own and maintain affordable apartments for 2,000 of our neighbors across the city.
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We currently own and maintain 47 buildings, including historic Seattle apartments we have preserved as well as award-winning new developments. We are seeking to expand our portfolio to help address the affordability crisis in Seattle. For more information, read our real estate acquisition guidelines.